The Numerous Benefits of Buying a Used Sail Boat

Used BoatWhile there really is nothing like buying a new boat right from the dealer, if you were to consider the benefits of buying used you may see things differently. The new boat has that look, smell, and feel, but it also comes with a hefty price tag too. There is really no wiggle room for many dealers with new, but used is another story.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider getting a used boat.

Perhaps one of the more costly expenditures of buying a boat is getting the trailer. Even if you plan on keeping the boat at the local marina all year, you still have to be able to transport it home or to other locations. The trailer can be quite costly if you buy new, but when you are looking at slightly used, deals can be had. Many motivated sellers just want out of the deal, so they often throw in the trailer with the discounted price.

The price of the used boat is one of the biggest reasons to consider going this route. There are numerous stories each week of boat owners having to relocate and can’t take the boat to where they are moving. Their loss is your gain because they often need to get out fast because they are already in the moving process. Some boats barely have hours on them, and you get them for a huge savings over the new boats.

Many new boat owners can not wait to customize their vessel so it is completely unique. Whether upgrading the engine, upgrading the stereo system, or adding furniture to the galley, all these extras are part of the sale now. While you focus on just the price of the boat, a motivated seller has to come to terms with the fact that those upgrades are just going to have to be considered losses. This is all huge for you.

If the boat is still fairly new, one of the unique aspects of buying used is you may be able to take over ownership of the warranty package too. The original owner got a warranty on his new boat, but since it is still new and barely has any miles on the motor, the warranty is now transferred to you.

Now that you see the numerous reasons to consider getting the used boat, just imagine all the additional things you could do with the huge chunk of change you save.